Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot more people were (or still are) confined to their homes.  Many people are working remotely and have dedicated spaces for their home offices.  With endless hours available to spend gazing around their apartments/homes, people have finally had the time to work on some those dream renos that they have been pondering for years.  Now, with the projects completed, it is hard to not look around and think 'geez, I could really use some green in here'!



That's right - most of you are now in plant mode and are enthusiastically looking to freshen up your space!  Indoor plants will not only increase a room's aesthetic, but they can also increase creativity and lessen stress (which is totally on point for all those newly added home offices)!   



Another thing to consider is if your indoor pandemic project had included painting your home.  Especially during the fall/winter months, you could have added some chemicals into your air.  Did you know that if you were to add three medium sized plants to a large space, word on the street is that it could increase your air quality in that room by 25%?  The more plants you add, the better the air quality!! Don't forget that plants also have been proven to boost your mental well-being (so it's a win-win).  



Our top plant picks for the home office include Pothos, Snake Plant, ZZ Plant and Philodendron.