When you purchase a hand painted item, you will want
 to ensure that you take good care of it. Here are some of the
most important things to remember when you look after your
pot, to ensure it stays in perfect condition for longer.


We recommend keeping your plants in their original plastic
container pots. It will make watering the plant much easier, allow for
ease when moving and keep the beauty of the finish lasting


Remove jewellery that might scratch or catch, such as rings,
bracelets or watches. Most ceramics can be handled without
gloves, as long as hands are clean and dry. When you touch
something, your fingers leave behind a residue. Fingermarks
can damage the “natural” finish pots therefore, ensure your
hands are clean and dry.


Do not drag across floors, shelves or table tops. We recommend
using felt backing (or rubber stoppers) on the bottom edge to
avoid scratching and damaging the finish.


To clean, simply take a lint-free cloth and dampen it slightly,
then wipe clean. Be careful if you use any furniture cleaners
or furniture spray because sometimes they contain chemicals
that may damage or discolour the finish.


Note that no two pots will be the same, due to the artisanal
process of hand painting.