Common House Studio was born with the desire to create beautiful, timeless, artisan pots that are worthy of showcasing all of the special plants in your life.  The brand was conceptualized after years of searching for modern, unique planters that could be suitable for homes, offices or virtually any space.  When Jennifer Davies came up with the vision behind Common House Studio, she was looking to create a product line that celebrated the value of human touch but she also wanted to put emphasis on a hand made quality. 

Jen has always loved the arts!  With an extensive background in Fashion Design and Product Development, she was keen to create a product line that would offer modern, unique designs that would be welcomed into the world of home decor and urban gardening.  Jen is always finding inspiration in all corners of the world and is constantly envisioning new ideas that she draws from her everyday surroundings.  

With the nature of our Common House Studio planters being hand painted, they may take a little bit more time to create but the end results speak for themselves.  All of our lightweight planters are hand painted in our studio, outside of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and created with love.