white pedestal planter with snake plant on oak floor
terracotta coloured planter sits on floor next to an oatmeal preston sectional sofa.  A large window behind the sofa lets in a lot of natural light
bright white kitchen with black hardware.  Smeg appliances on countertop, a vintage oriental runner is centered on the floor and a pedestal planter with fiddle leaf fig tree is placed off to the right side.  Scenic art print with white frame hangs on the wall
terracotta coloured plant pot with snake plant on oak floor
Stone mantle with a green free standing fireplace stove.  Matching green planters placed on floor to left side of the mantle.
dining room with wicker hanging chandelier and walnut table with black chairs.  A framed art print hangs on back wall and a green pedestal flower pot sits in the corner of the room on the floor.
hunter green pedestal planter pot on floor with snake plant.
Bright living room with grey sofa and colourful, textured pillow.  A jute ottoman is placed in front of the sofa and a white pedestal planter is placed in the far corner.  A window with open blinds shows a glimpse of the neighbour's red brick home.
Large stone work fireplace with decorative mantle pieces.  A black pedestal planter sits beside fireplace with a ficus tree.  A stature black arm chair is placed beside it.  A jute rug lays underneath a cow hide rug.  An open window lets in a lot of natural light.
black planter with decorative tree sits on floor.


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The High Rise Pot was created as a modern, sculptural accent piece.  This architectural planter has a cylindrical shape with a faux pedestal base, providing your plants with a spacious container.  This pedestal planter tends to look best with plants that tend to grow up and provide some height.   Olive trees, fiddle leaf figs, and snake plants are just a few of our favourite pairings for this particular style.  With a timeless silhouette, this may be the only planter that you'll ever need!


External - 13.5" d x 13.5" w x 15.5" h
Top Opening - 11.5" d


Our planters are made of fibrestone (which is a combination of fibreglass and crushed stone mixed with a composite).  It is frost resistant, extremely durable and lightweight.  Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.


Due to the artisanal process of hand painting, no two pots will be identical. All pots are hand painted to order so please allow 1-2 weeks processing time.


Wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Do not use harsh household cleaners.  Avoid sharp temperature changes. Indoor storage recommended for rainy and cold/winter climates.  Do not pressure wash.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Tres joli

Very pretty pot. Beautiful simplicity.