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black triangle pattern on a low cylinder planter pot with a large snake plant.  Placed next to a rustic bench with modern pillows
A collection of bright White hand painted planter pots with a large Fiddle Leaf Fig,  a bountiful Monstera Deliciosa plant and a poplar wood side table
black hexagonal hand painted pattern on middle of a cylinder with a large Euphorbia Ingens
Low Cylinder planter pot with a warm grey toned triangular pattern painted on the planter pot.  A luscious Monstera Deliciosa plant makes a statement in this modern planter.


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Our Triad Low Cylinders are everything you have ever wished for in a planter!  A band of triangles wraps around the centre of these low cylinders, giving it a hexagonal design and making them pleasing to the eye. Standing slightly shorter than a traditional cylinder, the Triad Low Cylinder is sure to accentuate any room.  If you are going for a bolder, more impactful look we suggest you go with our White/Black combo.  If it is subtleness that you seek, give our White/Mushroom colourway a whirl!


MEDIUM  $148.00
Internal - 12.5" d x 12.5" w x 10" h
External - 14" d x 14" w x 11" h 

LARGE  $228.00
Internal - 16" d x 16" w x 12" h
External - 18" d x 18" w x 13" h 

Our pots are made of fiberstone (which is a combination of fiberglass and crushed stone mixed with a composite).  They are extremely durable and lightweight.  Each pot size fits perfectly inside each other (so save on shipping by ordering multiple sizes at once) and grow your pot collection a lot quicker!

Due to the artisanal process of hand painting, no two pots will be identical. All pots are hand painted to order so please allow 1-2 weeks processing time.