two Common House Studio hand painted planters in grey nylon plant hangers with trailing plants
carrie label nylon plant hanger in Big grey colour on a white backdrop
Hand painted Marrakesh Common House Studio planter pot hanging in a Navy plant hanger
carrie label nylon plant hanger in navy on a white backdrop
Black hand painted retro plant pot hanging from a black plant hanger
Carrie label black nylon plant hanger
Neon green plant hanger with a White Essential hand painted planter
carrie label nylon plant hanger in neon green
Royal Blue plant hanger with a Mustard rim planter with a white base
carrie label royal blue plant hanger on white backdrop
Rust plant hanger with a Common House Studio Pine green planter pot
carrie label rust plant hanger on white background
Neon Pink plant hanger with a white hand painted planter
Carrie Label nylon plant hanger in Neon Pink
Two neon coloured plant hangers with black hand painted planters


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Check out these Carrie Label plant hangers!  Made by the talented designer Nikki, (out of Toronto, Ontario), these nylon hangers are crocheted on to stainless steel O rings making them incredibly sturdy and a perfect fit for our small round pots.  

The Carrie Label hangers come in a variety of colours (that are a great compliment to many of our hand painted planters) and are sure to add an element of 'wow' into your space.

100% Nylon with Stainless steel O ring
3/4" flat or twisted knots (with exception of BIG GREY colour way at 1 3/4")
All hangers hold pots with a 6" - 9" diameter

Planter pots sold separately.