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soft pink fluted planter placed on floor in corner of dining room with a lengthy snake plant.  Black wooden chairs are placed at table and a framed art print of a mountain hangs on the wall.
soft pink scalloped cylinder placed on floor with dried, natural rabbit tails.  A large walnut beam climbs the wall to the right of the planter pot.
scallop cylinder in blush pink hue with snake plant on a white backdrop.
rustic staircase with black metal spindles with a beige fluted plant pot at base.  Tall, dried wheatgrass stands in the plant pot.  Off to the left, there is a framed art print.  A corner of a white kitchen island with black hardware is on the left.
a curved staircase with oak risers and white stairs holds a beige, scalloped cylinder planter in the corner.  The planter holds a large sanservia plant.
A tall olive tree, in a nude scallop cylinder is placed in corner of bedroom.  A small closet is in view, as well as a vintage runner, a rustic noodle bench and end of a bed with a beige coverlet and white duvet.
nude scallop cylinder pot with snake plant on white background
Black scallop cylinder pot sits on floor with a framed scenic art print on the wall behind it.  In the distance, a stone fireplace and stove, with a tobacco shay leather accent chair and black ceiling fan.
white bookcase with colourful book spines.  A black planter sits on the floor on the side of the bookcase with a tall plant.
a tobacco colour leather accent chair with brass legs with woven wool cushion.  A black scallop cylinder planter on floor beside chair.
black fluted edge plant pot on a white background.
large bed with striped duvet.  Heather grey textured headboard.  Black framed artprint.  White dresser with hunter green fluted planter.  Small ficus Audrey plant.
stacked books sit underneath a framed scenic painting.  A small table top scallop pot hold an array of fall inspired dried florals
hunter green plant pot with ficus audrey and a cement dish on white shelf.
hunter green ridged plant pot with snake plant on white backdrop.
Large gold gleaming primrose mirror hangs of wall with a reflection of a dining room.  A cream scallop cylinder sits on floor with an olive tree.
large cream planter on floor next to bed with striped duvet cover and textured headboard.
cream coloured fluted planter with snake plant on a white backdrop.
charcoal fabric couch with black framed art print hung above it.  A large sage green plant pot in placed on floor beside couch.
sectional kode sofa highlighted by sunbeams coming through the window.  A vintage oriental rug is placed on floor along side a green ridged planter with a tall olive tree.
sage green planter with scallop edge placed on white background.
heather grey armchair with rattan accent table.  Planter with ficus tree on accent table.  Bright, white kitchen with black accents in background.
rattan side chair placed at white collapsable desk.  Google home and a small terracotta planter with eucalyptus is on top of desk.  A round oak framed mirror hangs above the desk.
salted caramel scallop cylinder with snake plant on white backdrop.


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Now available - the newest addition to our planter family!  This sleek, ridged, cylinder pot comes in a trio of sizes, making it perfect for placement along table tops/shelves or in corners of your home (that need that little extra "je ne sais quoi").  With scalloped edges and a slight pedestal base, this fluted flower pot is our new favourite piece and it is sure to be yours too.  Frankly, you owe it to your plants!


Internal - 6.5" d x 6.5" w x 7.25" h
External - 7.75" d x 7.75" w x 8.0" h 

Internal - 10.5" d x 10.5" w x 11.75" h
External - 12.0" d x 12.0" w x 12.5" h 

Internal - 14" d x 14" w x 15.5" h
External - 16.0" d x 16.0" w x 16.5" h 


Our planters are made of fibrestone (which is a combination of fibreglass and crushed stone mixed with a composite).  It is frost resistant, extremely durable and lightweight.  Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.


Due to the artisanal process of hand painting, no two pots will be identical. All pots are hand painted to order so please allow 1-2 weeks processing time.


Wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Do not use harsh household cleaners.  Avoid sharp temperature changes. Indoor storage recommended for rainy and cold/winter climates.  Do not pressure wash.

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