large variegated stripe hand painted plant pot with healthy fiddle leaf fig
Cane tree plant in large black planter with white stripes
Beige coloured planter with white stripes with a bohemian rug
Large white plant pot with black painted stripe design showcasing a large peace lily plant
light brown with white stripes hand painted planter pot with large peace lily
black and white striped plant pot with palm tree
black planter with white stripes in corner of living room


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The Barrel Pot is a simple stripe design that will look great in any space.  Although this pot is composed of clean lines, it is still very impactful.  This beautiful planter is offered in a variety of colours and sizes.    


Internal - 6.25" d x 6.25" w x 7.25" h
External - 7.75" d x 7.75" w x 7.75" h 

Internal - 10.25" d x 10.25" w x 11" h
External - 11.75" d x 11.75" w x 11.75" h 

Internal - 14" d x 14" w x 15.5" h
External - 15.75" d x 15.75" w x 15.75" h 

Internal - 17.75" d x 17.75" w x 18.5" h
External - 19.75" d x 19.75" w x 19.75" h 


Our planters are made of fibrestone (which is a combination of fibreglass and crushed stone mixed with a composite).  It is frost resistant, extremely durable and lightweight.  


Due to the artisanal process of hand painting, no two pots will be identical. All pots are hand painted to order so please allow 1-2 weeks processing time.

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