black and white spotted planter pot with large dieffenbachia placed on floor beside couch with a basket wall gallery
Bohemian plant pot in three colours
Navy and white bohemian inspired planter
Terracotta and white boho style plant pot with small cactus cluster
Monochrome boho planter pot with snake plant on shelf
Nautical themed bohemian planter in office
Terracotta boho styled planter near window
black and white boho pot in bathroom
navy and white planters on wood side table placed next to couch
collection on bohemian planters and prints in a living room
black and white boho planter pot in an entryway with foliage wall paper design
mustard yellow bohemian planter pot with small tree


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Give your green plant babies a bold new look with this killer pot.  Inspired by bohemian decor, our Boho Planter is drop-dead cool. This planter comes in three colours and four sizes allowing you to choose the best option for your desired space. 


Internal - 6.25" d x 6.25" w x 7.25" h
External - 7.75" d x 7.75" w x 7.75" h 

Internal - 10.25" d x 10.25" w x 11" h
External - 11.75" d x 11.75" w x 11.75" h 

Internal - 14" d x 14" w x 15.5" h
External - 15.75" d x 15.75" w x 15.75" h 

Internal - 17.75" d x 17.75" w x 18.5" h
External - 19.75" d x 19.75" w x 19.75" h 


All of our pots are made of fiberstone (which is a combination of fiberglass and crushed stone mixed with a composite), which allows for a slightly textured, organic finish. 

Our pots are extremely lightweight.  Each pot size fits perfectly inside each other (so save on shipping by ordering multiple sizes at once) and grow your pot collection a lot quicker!

Due to the artisanal process of hand painting, no two pots will be identical.   All pots are hand painted to order so please allow 1-2 weeks processing time.